Missy's Story


Missy was picked up on a busy road in San Jose. She was dirty, covered with fleas, and only wieghed 4 pounds.  She was also the mama of 5 very tiny babies.  When I found her at the shelter, two of her babies had already died.  She was just too tiny, too dehydrated, and too malnourished to sustain their lives.  Missy wasn’t very pretty in that state either. 
I brought her and her other three babies home with me.  One was very weak, the other two a little stronger.  Two days later, the weakest one died also. 
Missy was so sad.  I was so sad also.  We grieved together.  For the first day, she sat in the corner and hung her head.  I put her other two babies next to  her, but she just moved to the other side of the room and hung her head again. That night, I went in and sat with her for a couple of hours.  Finally, I put her babies next to her, and she said, “Okay, I’ll take care of them.”  We weren’t sure they would make it either, but they grew stronger and eventually found wonderful homes. After trying hard for several weeks to find a home for Missy, it just didn’t happen.  Lucky for me, she became my kitty.  Now, she is NOT AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!!!  No amount of money could buy her.  She loves to keeps every critter she comes in contact clean.  I have even seen her washing my dogs’ faces when they were too tired to object. 
I tell Missy’s story because it is so typical of homeless animals.  They have so much love to give if only given a chance.

*Bev Canon